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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Calculate Age Archaeological Objects

According to the evolutionist they argued, at about 10,000 years ago, mankind is still very primitive. Really? Evolutionists opinion above, it looks like just a fictional history. This is because, it has been the discovery of archaeological objects, which indicates prior period 10,000 years ago, mankind has advanced civilization, Here are some examples of archaeological objects:

Picture 40,000 years old flute.

One proof that man has had a culture for thousands of years, is the discovery of the flute was 40,000 years old. Scientific research shows that the flute like this, 7-note scale based on the modern West, used tens of thousands of years ago

Figure needles was 26 thousand years.

26 thousand-year-old needles: This interesting finding shows that Neanderthals knowledgeable sewing clothes since tens of thousands of years ago (D. Johanson, B. Edgar, From Lucy to Language, p. 99)

So How archaeologists, calculate the age of these objects?

Scientists today, has developed a new method for determining the age of ancient objects without causing damage.

According to Dr. Marvin Rowe, head of the research team, this technique can be used to determine the age of ancient objects that have been stored in museums and studied forbidden for fear of damage.

Dr. Rowe describes a new method is a form of radiocarbon dating further (radiocarbon dating) which has been used archaeologists to estimate the age of an object by measuring levels of radioactive carbon naturally occurring carbon.

In the old method, a small sample of objects were taken, such as cloth or a piece of bone which is then burned to know the carbon footprint. The new method is called non-destructive carbon dating, did not involve sampling.

In the new method, scientists place the artifacts in a special room berplasma in which an electrically charged gas use and large screen displays on the screen. Gas slowly oxidize the surface of the object to produce carbon dioxide with C-14 analysis without damaging the surface of the object.

Rowe and his colleagues used this technique to analyze the ages of about 20 organic substances are different. The result was matched by conventional methods. As the old method, the new method is able to calculate the age of objects up to 50,000 years.

Discovery of archaeological objects thousands of years, more and give confidence in us, that mankind never experienced the cultural advancement of tens of thousands of years ago

For then the culture was destroyed, disaster hit the all-powerful, resulting Civilization of Mankind, to go back to "square one". possible apocalypse ever happened in ancient times,??

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